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For the last years I finally came to the realization vacuums I was purchasing in the Big Box stores weren't fulfilling my needs. (After spending $100's of bucks) I called Al's, spoke with Scott, discussed my options and drove from Brooklyn Center to Bloomington determined to buy a quality vacuum! I purchased the Riccar, SuperLite. The power is exactly what I was looking for. Perfect for home use, weight ideal (not super heavy), actual hepa bags (no dumping dirt & dust back into air), wooden brush, easy access to roller & belt to replace. The pluses are numerous. The Riccar is an all American made product - what?! Another huge bonus is if my vacuum does need to be serviced, Al's will be able to do that. So if you're tired of purchasing home vacuums that in my world are kinda disposable head to Al's. Lastly, reasonably priced!

Very large shop with every imaginable option. Staff are experienced and knowledgeable.

Edwin Marquez

Great people, I’d highly recommend this place to anyone or cleaning businesses who are looking to buy a vacuum cleaner.

These folks know what service is! Helpful, friendly, fast, and the vacs they sell are worth every penny! You will not be disappointed if you buy from Als!

They were nice, friendly, and most of all honest. Would highly recommend them when purchasing a vacuum.

Mike Klein
Great Sales staff - and very knowledgeable about all things vacuum(y). They took the time to explain the differences between models, and matched us with a Miele model that we love. Prices are fair, and their service (We used them before) is top-notch!

Vicki Peters

Best ever! fixed my vacuum over and over, now its time for a new one ,after 17 yrs and I’ll buy from them again!

Jeremy S
Pretty helpful vacuum shop. Came in for some replacement parts, some they had in stock and other they tried to order but were not able for my particular brand, but they still tried. They have a ton of different types of vacuums for sale as well as carpet cleaning products. Al's also does vacuum repairs.

John D
Warranty work done on our Miele with nary a hassle or hiccup. Compare that to the competition that wanted $50 just to look at a covered warranty repair. Fast, friendly service. Good people. Thanks again, Dave.

Kiki L
My husband and I have been going to Al's Vacuum for years, so when I needed a new vacuum there was no hesitation to go right back to Al's.  Scott helped me find the right vacuum.  Scott's been at Al's for at least as long as I've been going there and he knows vacuums inside and out.  Once I explained what I needed he easily narrowed down my selections, very clearly explained everything to me about the different options and couldn't have been more helpful.  Scott is not pushy or abrasive so you feel comfortable getting the info and asking questions.
I decided to leave and read up a little more on the vacuums he presented me and I learned nothing more because Scott had already informed me!  I  ended up buying my vacuum from Scott and I'm thrilled with it.  I didn't want to just buy a machine and start using it, I wanted to understand why it was a good machine and how it compared to others.  
If you go to Al's you will get great service and a fair price.  Furthermore, they have a terrific service department if your vacuum needs tune ups or repairs.  After all these years of being in the community they're not going anywhere so why would you?

Nicole G
I called here tonight after of recommendation from a family member who had a good experience with their service. My husband and I just moved into a new home, and it's time to upgrade our vacuum from our barely functional college relics.   Sherry was incredible! She spent over 20 minutes with me on the phone getting to know what I would need to use the vacuum for, any pets, allergies, other things that I needed to consider that I'd never even thought about. I love a lady who knows her stuff, and Sherry definitely fits that description! She steered me towards a couple of different options, and because I don't live in the area and won't be able to make it into the store, I plan on calling her tomorrow once I've made my final decision and she's going to ship my choice out to me free of charge! It's so nice in this world of phone trees, knock offs, and Bad customer service to actually speak to a human who knows what they're talking about and really cares about the product that they are representing. I'm so happy to support a local business that hires somebody like Sherry - I could easily buy the vacuum on Amazon, but it makes me so happy to support Al's with my purchase and know that if I ever have any trouble in the future I can call sherry up and she'll make sure I'm taken care of!

Clarice C

I was so sick of buying vacuums from department stores only to have them stop working after a brief period of time. Scott W. at Al's took time to answer all my questions, even what he thought were potential repair problems. No pressure, just infotmation comparing macines. They carry only a few, higher quality brands that do not advertise nor sell on line. Money saved on advertising built a better machine. I know if and when my machine needs servicing, it will be taken care of.. investment in a better product shall save money in the long term.