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Customer Support

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  • Think of us as your Solutions Database
    • A combined staff expertise of over 100 years experience
    • A network of resources all over the country
    • A willingness to go the extra mille
  • Selecting the right product is easy. Our staff is expert at explaining product differences and assessing your needs so you can make the best choice.
  • Our Drive-up Service means you can just pull in, honk, or blink your lights, to have someone retrieve the vacuum from your vehicle for you.
  • Pick-up and Delivery also available from our cell-dispatched vans.
Product Documentation
We file and keep track of your product's information internally:
  • Need replacement supplies? No need to dig up your product specifics, we can look it up for you.
  • Warranty or recall questions? We'll have that on file for you as well.